zero-waste design: the innovation


Our collection invites you to experience the new luxury of our innovative zero-waste design. Highest standards for sustainable and social production poured into garments with universal design, that you never want to take off again. 

Resources for 20-25 billion pieces of clothing are wasted annually in cutting alone - by using our zero-waste designs, we save resources and reduce wastage of textiles. That is how we produce the complete collection with less than 1% of wastage. In contrast, conventional cutting produces approximately 20 % textile waste.

With a maximum resource efficiency of over 99% and a waste reduction to less than 1%, Natascha's designs for the entire collection embrace zero-waste principles. Next to draping and knitting garments, Natascha created innovative zero-waste patterns, that incorporate curves to ensure an optimal fit on the body. The pattern pieces interlock so that waste, or textile scraps, are significantly minimized compared to the industry standard.

Natasha's zero-waste patterns minimize production waste in the cutting process for the entire collection to less than 1%, while the conventional fashion industry causes around 20% of waste per garment. 

Design is the key to sustainability. That is why the perfect fit is so important for us. This is guaranteed by the complex interlocking of curves, when creating the patterns.

Natascha received the Bundespreis Ecodesign 2017 in the category product for her holistic sustainable concept and especially for the zero-waste pattern innovation.

Just to paint a picture of how little waste we produce: On top of this hat you can see the complete offcut of the current collection.

our ZERO-WASTE PANTSUIT in numbers 

Our zero-waste pantsuit specifically reduces CO2-emissions by over 60%, saves over 97% of fresh water and reduces the land use by more than 87%. To paint a picture: That means for example, the fresh drinking water needs of an adult for 14 years is saved with just one zero-waste pantsuit.*
*These numbers are calculated by the independent impact measurement lab Made2Flow and show, that the zero-waste and holistic sustainability approach has an enormous positive impact and leads the way to more sustainable production.


With this zero-waste approach we are pioneering in the fashion industry to inspire a WasteLessFuture.

"Only garments, that are worn for a long time and with pleasure can ever be sustainable."