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radically future-driven fashion

setting the benchmark for sustainable fashion design

With an uncompromising focus on sustainability in all aspects of our brand we are going beyond the circularity of our products by creating zero-waste solutions. While the conventional fashion industry has around 20% material losses in the cutting of the garments, we reduce this wastage to less than one percent. In addition we exclusively use the best sustainable, natural materials and produce our entire collection locally. Our brand offers a new approach to design, encouraging a radical change in fashion production and consumption, with a verified impact on people and environment - for a WasteLessFuture. 

fashion is more than garments

Uncompromising for the best product

The best fashion piece will feel like a home, you can take everywhere. For the ultimate timeless design we celebrate easy elegance and minimalism paired with an uncompromising sustainable and fair history. We only use natural fibers, which are audited along the entire supply chain for ecological and social sustainability. These are then handcrafted in to our collection in local, zero-waste production in and around Berlin. We guarantee fair working practices and conditions, and look to uphold traditional craftsmanship influenced by modern and innovative patterns and materials.

challenging the status quo

Using business to change our world for the better

We promise to always search for sustainable innovation. Acknowledging, that we are part of the problem, we believe in letting our most ambitious ideas thrive in order to find a concept for a post-capitalist world. We set values, sustainability and creating the best product above profit - every step of the way.

our future-driven concept in detail

A solid sustainability concept must be concrete by giving facts and figures.
So here we go:

the base of sustainability

fair & organic materials

We love the distinctive quality of natural materials. All components of our garments are organic, plastic-free and are being audited annually along the entire supply chain for high social and ecological standards.

Read more about our fair & organic materials...

the key to sustainability

zero-waste design

The process of cutting a garment causes an average material loss of 20%. Due to our innovative pattern-cutting technique, we reduce these clippings to less than 1%.

Discover more about our zero-waste design...

the map of sustainability

we produce locally in berlin

We design every piece of our collection in our studio at Friedrichstraße - the heart of Berlin. And produce all garments in a local manufactory.

Find out more about our local production.