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We exclusively use sustainable and fair natural materials for our zero-waste fashion collection. All components are sustainable, fair, plastic-free and biodegradable. All Materials are certified organic by GOTS or IVN Best standard and additional Fairtrade agreements to ensure environmental and social sustainability along the entire value chain.

organic and fair cotton: who's the fairest of them all

100% organic fair cotton: Our cotton, for all woven cotton materials, is obtained from genetically unmanipulated and chemically untreated seeds. The cultivation in Uganda and Kyrgyzstan also renounces chemical pesticides. In the harvest of the fibers no chemical defoliants are being used, which is why the organic cotton is being picked by hand only. The elimination of chemicals in the production improves not only the quality of the soil, but also increases the environmental capability. In this way, we can ensure that no harmful chemical substances get into our textile products. Above this, it prevents health damages of the workers.

In addition to the annual review of environmental and social standards, a fair-for-life-agreement is in place to protect the social security of our producers, by ensuring predictability for companies and workers. The spinning of pure cotton fibers takes place in Turkey, while the yarn is being woven into fabric in Czech Republic. In Germany, the woven fabric is finally being sanforized. This finishing prevents the garments from shrinking. Every business along the value chain is being checked for strict environmental and social standards annually. In our Berlin based studio, we process this high-quality textile with respect and joy to our zero-waste collection pieces.

organic wool: an air conditioning to wear

100% organic wool: In Uruguay, sheep farmers have joined together to form a cooperative, specializing in controlled biological livestock farming. The Merino sheep are kept in small flocks, can run around freely, get purely organic food and are being carefully shorn. The yarn made out of their wool is knitted and processed in Austria. The raw materials for the traditional process are pure new wool and clear spring water from the mountains. The wool is treated exclusively with mountain spring water and heat, giving it its characteristic walk-structure. Every business along the value chain is checked annually for strict environmental and social standards. Due to this special processing of the wool, no chemicals or plasticizers are needed, creating a guaranteed pollution-free, high quality textile. We use it with care and without causing waste in our Berlin studio.

recycled cashmere: warm, cozy, homy the queen of the materials

95% recycled cashmere 5% merino wool extra fine: The cashmere yarn is made in Italy from recycled cashmere. For elasticity, a small amount of merino wool in extra fine quality is added. The entire production of the yarn is CO2 neutral. In our Berlin Studio we use this high-quality yarn on hand knitting machines. By knitting into shape and sewing it by hand stitch by stitch, we ensure, that there are no losses in material, adding to our zero-waste approach.

peace silk: a name like a poem

100% organic peace silk: Non-violent silk, Ahimsa Silk or Peace Silk, is produced from cocoons without killing the pupae inside, thereby without sacrificing animal life. All cocoons are grown in an organic and eco-friendly manner, mostly in free nature. No pesticides or genetic spray over leaves or trees are being used. The creation of the silk yarn is done manually by using manual charkha as well as solar powered spinning machines. Initially weaving was 100% handloom. In the year 2015 use of the powerloom also started to meet demand of high quality silk fabric length. Use of silk waxing or optic brightening is not performed. The finishing is exclusively done by using high-quality, natural organic oils from different herbs to make fabric soft. We use this high-quality material mainly for our zero-waste wedding dresses.

BIODEGRADABLE RUBBER BAND: how to naturally close some pants

50% organic cotton - 50% natural rubber: The elastic band is made by a 3rd generation family business in lower Austria, where the production is run by an in-house hydroelectric power plant. The elastic band is made of only two materials - organic cotton and natural rubber. The contained organic cotton is inspected annually for social and environmental sustainability along the entire value chain and comes from Turkey. The processed fair trade natural rubber is tested likewise and is food safe so guaranteed pollution-free and comes from Malaysia. These facts make it the perfect sustainable closure for us.


100% organic cotton: The sewing thread is biodegradable and consists of pure organic cotton. The yarn production is being checked annually along the entire value chain for social and environmental sustainability.


We source our buttons from Knopf Budke - the experts in sustainable ingredients. We use natural materials wherever possible. 100% mother-of-pearl: The pure mother-of-pearl buttons come from Makassar in Indonesia. We also have buttons made from 100% horn. For vegans we are happy to offer an alternative made from 50-60% recycled plant fiber, 30% filler, 20% UREA. Our closures are made of 100% metal. Production is audited annually for social and ecological sustainability along the entire value chain. We are happy to accommodate requests, as we know and understand the struggle between natural materials and vegan alternatives.


100% organic cotton: We care about every component, so also the care tag is plastic free. The information about our handmade garments is printed on pure organic cotton, which is checked for ecological and social sustainability along the entire value chain. The textile printing is done in Germany. The company ensures that the colours used to print are approved according to the Global Organic Textile Standard. The pure eco-cotton is not only the sustainable choice, it is also more pleasant to wear on the skin than the classic polyester care tags. Every garment of our zero-waste collection is finished with one of these hand cut organic tags.

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"Only garments, that are worn for a long time and with pleasure can ever be sustainable."