workshops at Parsons - The New School New York

zero-waste techniques in fashion workshops at Parsons with Natascha von Hirschhausen and Victoria Manganiello

This Tuesday, we had the enriching opportunity to lead a series of three hands-on workshops at Parsons - The New School, alongside the accomplished textile artist and lecturer, Victoria Manganiello. Parsons is recognized globally for its commitment to art and design education, making it an ideal venue for innovative explorations into sustainable fashion practices.

The workshops, hosted by Natascha von Hirschhausen in collaboration with Victoria, spanned from noon to 10 pm and were dedicated to introducing and applying zero-waste techniques in fashion design. We kicked off the sessions with an overview of the zero-waste design philosophy, including its history and key principles, to set the foundation for the day's creative endeavors. A design sprint followed, aimed at sparking creative ideas among the students and familiarizing them with the concept of zero-waste design.

The bulk of the workshop was highly interactive, with students breaking into groups to tackle specific zero-waste techniques. These practical exercises focused on material studies, pushing participants to create a variety of textile surfaces and swatches that demonstrate zero-waste concepts. Each group experimented with different techniques, leading to a dynamic final presentation that displayed an array of innovative zero-waste textile designs and ideas.

The workshops concluded with a detailed Q&A session, where students engaged deeply with the challenges and intricacies of zero-waste design and pattern-making. This dialogue not only deepened the students' understanding but also underscored the importance of sustainable design as a creative solution in the fashion industry.

We are immensely grateful to Victoria Manganiello for her expert guidance and collaboration, which greatly enhanced the learning experience for all involved. Thanks also to the German Center for Research and Development, especially Julia Helmes, for their support in making these workshops possible.

Our experience at Parsons was not only an educational milestone but also a demonstration of how collaborative efforts can integrate sustainable practices into academic curriculums, fostering a forward-thinking approach among the next generation of fashion designers. 

„Nur Kleidungsstücke, die lange und gerne getragen werden, können nachhaltig sein.“