Our repair day during Berlin Fashion Week 2024

Reflecting on our recent event during Berlin Fashion Week in partnership with LoopLook.

We explored the world of sustainable fashion, focusing on the pivotal role of repairs in extending the lifespan of our garments. 

The event started with a Sashiko workshop led by Keiko Oboshi, where participants learned about the ancient Japanese embroidery technique in our Studio at Friedrichstraße Berlin. Sashiko, known for its durability and aesthetic appeal, serves as a powerful tool in garment repair, symbolizing the beauty in sustainability and the potential to transform our relationship with clothing.

Following the workshop, our panel discussion with esteemed speakers Viola Wohlgemuth from Greenpeace, Thimo Schwenzfeier of the Conscious Fashion Store, and Natascha, hosted by Stefanie Barz of LoopLook, explored the possibilities and challenges regarding repair at Expanded Art Gallery .

Viola Wohlgemuth, working with Greenpeace, has been a vocal advocate for environmental protection, especially in the realm of sustainable fashion. Through her work, she has highlighted the urgent need for the fashion industry to shift towards more sustainable and ethical practices. Wohlgemuth's efforts have focused on exposing the environmental and human health risks associated with the fast fashion industry, advocating for the detoxification of fashion supply chains, and promoting the adoption of sustainable, natural, and organic materials in clothing production. She has been instrumental in pushing for legislative changes and industry standards that favor the environment, including campaigns that urge fashion brands to eliminate hazardous chemicals from their products and production processes. Her advocacy extends to promoting the "right to repair" – a movement that encourages consumers and manufacturers to ensure products are designed to last longer, be easily repairable, and ultimately reduce waste. 

Thimo Schwenzfeier is notably associated with NEONYT, a global hub for fashion, sustainability, and innovation. He is now head of the conscious fashion store located at Potsdamer Platz, renowned for its commitment to sustainable fashion practices. This store is distinguished by its on-site, visible workshop dedicated to garment repairs, showcasing the practical aspects of sustainability in fashion. Highlighting the store's innovative approach is the "Repair Café", held every Thursday, which invites the public to engage directly with repair experts. This initiative not only encourages consumers to consider repairs as a viable option for extending the life of their garments but also actively promotes a culture of sustainability and mindfulness in fashion consumption. Through these efforts, the store is at the forefront of advocating for a shift towards more responsible and environmentally conscious fashion choices.

Following the panel talk, our guests gathered at the store for a vibrant evening. Accompanied by live music, the atmosphere was lively yet intimate, fostering open conversations about the topics explored during the panel. Our store featured an exhibition on repair, highlighting the Sashiko technique and the importance of extending the lifecycle of garments.

Sustainable snacks and drinks, carefully chosen to reflect our commitment to environmental responsibility, were available, enhancing the experience. Thank you to our supporting partners Berlin Fashion Week, Studio2Retail, Fashion Council Germany, and Berliner Sparkasse. And for sustainable food and drinks to our Sponsors Heimatgut, BRLO beer, Proviant Berlin, Thomas Henry, 17morgen, Freytag Liqueurs, Grote Spirits, Party Rent, Studio Linne and Bread Friends.

This gathering at our Store in Berlin felt like a collective commitment to reshaping the future of fashion into one that honors our planet and its people. Thank you all for making this possible, and for celebrating and discussing the future of fashion with us.


"Only garments, that are worn for a long time and with pleasure can ever be sustainable."