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2nd love - FuckFastFashion pendant with chain

€251,26 €394,12

dare to wear your values and Fuck Fast Fashion

This is a sleek statement-piece for those of you who dare to speak up. It’s simple yet a very important message to show your values. This necklace comes as a set with our 'WasteLessFuture’ pendant. 

Because zero-waste is gold and saying no to fast-fashion is silver, these pieces come in silver and plated gold, both made of recycled silver and a fine silver necklace. This jewelry collection is handmade by artisans, who teamed up in a non-profit, fairtrade certified organization in India.

2nd love

Production sample: May have slightly different finish.


pendant 100% recycled 925 sterling silver
necklace 925 sterling silver (partially recycled)
waste 0.0%
made in fairtrade in India



wasteless 20 mm diameter
FFF 40 x 25 mm
length chain 45 cm
plating 1 micron


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