WasteLessFuture exhibition in Berlin

visit our zero-waste exhibition at Friedrichstraße during Berlin Fashion Week

We will present our future-driven zero-waste design concept in an exhibition during Berlin Fashion Week in the heart of the city and open to the public:

WasteLessFuture exhibition
Quartier 205 (Stadtmitte)
Friedrichstraße 67, Berlin

Opening hours:
Mo 14 - Sat 19 of March 
12 - 6 PM

Background: In any conventional pattern cutting an average of about 20% of material is discarded. Thanks to our innovative zero-waste cutting technique, we reduce this waste to less than 1% for the entire collection.

Learn more at the exhibition in Q205. The exhibition takes place under 3G rules and is free for all visitors during the mentioned opening hours.

"Only garments, that are worn for a long time and with pleasure can ever be sustainable."