size-guide for our zero-waste collection

the secrets behind size-fluent design

You might be wondering, why some garments are tagged with sizes like "onesize for S-L". The reason is that I love size-fluent design and incorporate it wherever it makes sense. It means that one size will fit a whole lot of different body types. This does not only ease up the order process, it also allows to wear the garments somewhat forever, even if your body changes.


If we write the following, what me mean is:

onesize for S-L  will fit all body types from size 34 - 42
onesize for S-XL will fit all body types from size 34 - 44/46
XS, S, M, L are pieces, that are graded to fit sizes

will fit every human being


This technique ensures that the garments fit you just right and thereby reduces the retour rate. If you do find that the piece you bought is not exactly fitting in width or length, simply shoot us an E-Mail and we will take care of the alterations for free.

The same goes for any other questions or uncertainties you may have - simply write an e-mail to


Just to give you an idea of how I work: This, for example, is my favorite coat, which fits all body types, from small to tall and from narrow to feminine - so it is onesize for S-XL. In general a lot of the dresses and coats are size-fluent, while pants and skirts tend to be in traditional sizes, since they have to fit on the hip. Discover for yourself and enjoy the fit!

"Only garments, that are worn for a long time and with pleasure can ever be sustainable."