remember, remember the 16th of November

we can't wait to show you our new collection #WasteLessFuture

November the 16th our fair and sustainable jewelry collection “#WasteLessFuture” will be launched.

To create this recycled jewelry collection, we partnered with a non-profit fairtrade organization in India that provides sustainable livelihood opportunity for artisans:

For the non-profit organization with 40 artisan groups in 16 states of India it is important to create an environmentally friendly production process and use sustainable raw materials to respect the environment. By ensuring safe working conditions and fair wages, the production site helps to rebuild a local infrastructure. Through that, the production of each piece of jewelry contributes to empower artisans by providing them sustainable growth opportunities, health care, education and infrastructure.

fairtrade jewelry production Berlin Natascha von Hirschhausen

It is more important than ever to support the artisans, because the global lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic has induced recession in India which has pushed 75 million additional people below the poverty line and even further away from access to healthcare, education, gender equality and economic participation. This disparity is particularly strong in the context of fashion. Artisans and weavers are the third largest segment among the poor, facing continued livelihood breakdowns even before the pandemic, now either earning less than in 2019 or lost source of income completely.

Our gender-fluid jewelry collection is made of pure, recycled silver. It includes earrings, from everyday creoles to modern, minimalist statement-pieces, geometric rings and sleek statement-necklaces.

Due to production capacity in the small production site, most of the items will be available for pre-order. But the everyday creoles and the statement necklace „wasteless future“ will be manufactured just in time before holiday season and are the perfect fair trade Christmas gift. These pieces are not only nice for the wearer, they also bring value to the people who made them. And what is better for Christmas than a beautiful accessory with positive social impact?

#WasteLessFuture exclusive preview:


"Only garments, that are worn for a long time and with pleasure can ever be sustainable."